Kingsrow International program downloads

New: The Kingsrow program is now a free download. I have removed the copy protection wrapper. A license key is no longer needed.

Endgame database downloads

The Kingsrow program install contains a small 4-piece endgame database. Use the links below to install a 7 and 8-piece database. To use the 8-piece database, you also need to install the files for 2 through 7 pieces. The files are hosted at Mega. For downloading these large files, Mega only supports Chrome and Opera web browsers. More about downloading from Mega.

Each install contains a group of .bin files and an .exe setup program file. Download all the files to your PC, then run the setup program to install the database on your hard drive.

If you have the earlier version of the endgame databases, either delete those files first, or install these files in a different directory. Kingsrow will work with either version of the databases, but the older version files take up a lot of space on your hard drive, and there is no reason to keep them if you have the new databases. After you install the new databases, you should tell kingsrow where you put them. Use the Kingsrow menu Options, Endgame Db and Hashtable, and use the Browse... button to enter the directory path.

Getting started

When you install the Kingsrow program it also installs help files in several languages. You probably don't need to read the entire help file but you should at least read the section Using Kingsrow, Understanding search results.

The help files can be accessed using the Windows start menu at Start, Programs,  Kingsrow International. They are also accessible in the Kingsrow program menus using Help, Kingsrow Help

Ed Gilbert
Last revised: May 07, 2019 .