KingsRow for English/American checkers

KingsRow is a checkers engine which is designed to be used with Martin Fierz's user interface program called CheckerBoard. Both KingsRow and CheckerBoard are free programs and can be downloaded using the links below. If you are installing the 64-bit version, you should be aware that Martin recently changed the default location for the 64-bit CheckerBoard, and I changed the KingsRow 64-bit install script to match it. If you find that you are still using some earlier version of KingsRow x64 after installing 1.16f, then the easiest solution is to also install Martin's latest 64-bit CheckerBoard.

The setup files includes an opening book database of over 1.2 million positions covering all 174 of the 3-move openings. The book was built by doing systematic searches with KingsRow and an 8-piece database, using a technique called dropout expansion that was developed by Thomas Linke. 

KingsRow can use any of several available endgame databases. 8-piece databases are available from Jonathan Schaeffer (Chinook website) and Martin Fierz (CheckerBoard website). It also can use my 10-piece database. During engine setup you will set the name of the directory where the endgame database files are located. KingsRow automatically detects the type and size of the database that is present.

Download and run KingsRowSetup.exe using the above link. Run CheckerBoard, click on Engine, Select, and select KingsRow as the primary engine. If you have not yet installed CheckerBoard, you can get it from Martin Fierz's CheckerBoard website.

Install the endgame database files. 

To configure KingsRow for the endgame databases, go to the Checkerboard menu Engine, Options. There is more information in the help file (menu Engine, Help).

Mail-play Openings

In 2002 KingsRow provided the first comprehensive, convincing evidence that the Black Hole opening (10-14 22-17 9-13) can be drawn. KingsRow Black Hole analysis. 

Ed Gilbert
Last revised: April 11, 2016.